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Whats in a name?

Italian American born in New York, on Christmas Day, on the one year anniversary of the unexpected passing of my maternal grandfather. I have always felt my mother missed the mark when naming me. Something festive like "Holy Noel" Or Italian like "Angelina" Instead she named me Melissa. Growing up I met very few people named Melissa, none of whom became friends. In school everyone was named Jessica or Jennifer. Melissa just doesn't scream any ethnicity like "Erin" or "Liam" would. As an adult over the past few years I have met way to many people named Melissa. Every Melissa I have met is of a different ethnicity. From different places Such as: Greece, El Salvador, Uruguay, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Spanish, Caucasian, African American, Christian and Jewish. The name originally Greek means Honey Bee. I knew the name was Greek, and may explain why I felt the affinity to visit Greece so badly. Mythology says Melissa was the daughter to the K…