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Christmas Babies

This Christmas just like every Christmas before, I will be spending it saving babies that share my birthday. For as long as I can remember I have always despised sharing my birthday with Jesus. I mean how can you possibly compete with that? Growing up and still today it is impossible to have a formal party and celebrate the normal way. To my family however my date of birth has always been a blessing. Christmas day the year before I was born, my Grandfather passed unexpectedly. One year later I was born, the final Christmas present from my grandfather to my mother. I never got the chance to meet him, but I choose to work on Christmas day as a means of remembering him. I will be forever grateful to the doctors, nurses and paramedics that were away from family working that day. I am also forever grateful to the doctors and nurses whom delivered me via c section on Christmas morning. For these reasons I choose to work and allow others to be off with family. As my immediate family gets smaller and smaller working on this day has taken on a whole new meaning. Spending my birthday doing the job I love with my awesome coworkers whom have been by my side for the past ten years is a blessing. On Christmas morning I choose to care for the sickest baby in the unit. I know how hard it is to lose a loved one on Christmas and I vowed to do everything possible to make sure it will not happen on my watch. Even if I have to give CPR until the clock strikes midnight on the 26th, that's what I will do. A few friends of mine have also lost relatives on Christmas day and its something you never get over. For this reason my Grandma and I were extremely close. The only daughters, daughter born on the one year anniversary. My birth day gave grandma something else to associate Christmas with.....A Christmas miracle, grandpas final gift.