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Santa wears camo

Growing up "under privileged" I do not remember ever believing in Santa. It must have been so hard on my mother to tell us at such a young age. I can recall being the only person who did not believe in my first grade class. We did not qualify for much government assistance but a few times per year we would receive food and gifts on Christmas. We received gifts from Toys for Tots a few years. The gifts were delivered Christmas morning with the tag "girl 10yrs old" or "Boy 12yrs old". Knowing where the gifts came from was an even better feeling than thinking Santa brought them. I was so thankful for those presents, my heart still warms at the though. To know that people I didn't even know came together to give us a good Christmas. I will never forget that awesome feeling of gratitude. I know it warmed my mothers heart as well to see us open those presents on Christmas morning. As an adult I donate un unwrapped toy every year at the store drop box in hopes it will reach a deserving child just as it did me. Giving from your heart and loving gratitude are the true meanings of Christmas.