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"The Way" of St James

One week after returning from Greece with no money left to my name, my good friend handed me a book. The book was about the 40 day pilgrimage in Spain she will be taking in six months. I though she was crazy but as a good supportive friend I read the book. It took one day to complete the book and one day to be completely hocked on the idea of this amazing pilgrimage. That same friend also later lent me the movie "The Way' about the exact route we would be taking. El Camino de Santiago or The Way of Saint James in English. An 800km hike through North Western Spain starting in France. Staying at pilgrim hostels along the way at night after hiking all day. How could I possibly afford this? The real question is how could I possibly not do this. Though my travels thus far have thought me so much about myself, I still longed for more of a personal, spiritual experience. The type of spiritual awaking that only comes from a degree of suffering and plenty of time for self reflection. Originally a religious pilgrimage for Catholic's, people from every faith do this pilgrimage for many different reasons. The most popular reasons are health, spiritual and religious reasons. Its "your own Camino" meaning the experience is for you to interpret your own way. In my heart I know I am meant to do this, I can feel it. I can feel it as strong as the feeling I get caring for a sick baby right before he/she shows the signs of being sick. That "nurse feeling" that comes from years of experience in the field. But this wasn't in the plans... I was to focus on School this year, not save tirelessly for another adventure overseas. I have learned to follow my heart and let it guide me in life. My heart is leading me to The El Camino de Santiago. But how can I possibly afford this? Well with a good plan and 6 months I can make it possible. $50 per week will pay for the plane ticket all my clothes and gear can be purchased at thrift stores or possibly borrowed. This would be my cheapest trip costing $10 per day for the hostels plus food along the way. I can only take a little over 2 weeks off from work so at the last 300 miles I will meet up with my friend and her mom. They will be seasoned pros by that time, well on their way to spiritual clarity. I am hoping this will be my last trip and the lessons learned on the Camino will lead me to a fulfilling relationship with the man I will marry. Or maybe I will just write a book about chafing on the Camino..