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The completion of # 9,16 & 20 of my bucket list 35 things before turning 35.

This Christmas I turned the dreaded 32 years young and by new years had three more items checked off my epic bucket list. #9). Ice Skate in Rockefeller Center at Christmas Time: On my first visit to New York city, the main attraction was the Rockefeller Center tree its self and I never ice skated while there. The wait was long and at the time didn't deem it important enough to endure the wait in the cold. Upon coming home I regretted not having the experience of ice skating in such a beautiful festive environment. On New Years day on kind of a spur of the moment thing, my friend and I decided we were going to do it. The wait was longer and colder than expected but well worth it. We made friends with the people in front of us and the little girl in front of them and we all skated together. We skated together hand and hand five people wide with our new friends. The ice skating itself was short lived because its quite hard and painful. non the less we had an awesome time. while skating I took several chances just to look up and take it all in. The clean crisp smell of the ice, and view of the center from the rink, I will never forget. At the end of the trip my friend and I both agreed it was the highlight of the trip. Even if we were hung over and sleep deprived from new years festivities the night before. #16). Ring in the New Year in Times Square, NY.<b> For as long as I can remember its been a secret dream of mine to spend New Years in Times Square. I never dreamed it would ever come true. You hear horror stories about waiting in the cold and I would have to find someone just as crazy as myself to go with me. When I learned my good friend in Australia also had the same vision and had even booked the trip I knew it was meant to be. I booked the same trip that day. It meant a lot to me to see my friend while she was in the states and this was icing on the cake. The trip came with VIP tickets to an open bar, buffet party one block away from the ball drop. The energy of the people waiting all day in the cold was contagious and the confetti flew for days after. The energy could only be described by, energy of the fans at an important game as your team wins. like seeing your team win the super bowl in person. #20). Ride in a helicopter. As long as I can remember I have wanted to ride in a helicopter. The idea exciting but the reality scared the crap out of me. its not the height that scares me its the blades. Comical fear considering I am under five feet tall but a fear none the less. In my field of nursing its a huge selling point to have NICU experience and they are always looking for flight nurses. Once again my fear of the blades chopping my head off kept me from perusing such a career path. I knew it was a silly fear and one ride would cure me and have me hocked. The hours leading up to the flight was tense but the two hour wait in line cured any nerves. The tour flew over the Statue of liberty, and the NYC skyline. What an awesome experience. I am so glad I didn't let my fears keep me back. It wasn't scary at all. #