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The first 10 places you should travel to get your feet wet

Many travel bloggers write about going to where the locals go, exploring off the beaten path and even calling tourist spots "cliché". In my opinion these cliché attractions are a must for the new traveler. I can only write about what I know, and where I have been. I am not sponsored, being paid or traveling with my own photographer. I am a full time nurse whom saves tirelessly to the point of fault to travel. The first ten places I traveled were cliché and chosen from the heart. I am grateful I chose these places to get my feet wet in the world of travel. They have the advantage of having other tourists to befriend as well as lots of English speaking locals. Yes they can be busy and expensive but you are safer and when you get that cliché picture it makes it all worth while. As an American girl under five feet, traveling alone, I feel these tourist traps are my safest bet. I too crave that Anthony Bourdain experience, however I am not a six foot tall man traveling with a production company. I travel with a group or stay in youth hostels in tourist areas. My advice is to visit any ten places your heart draws you to. With these ten under my belt I am more educated and versed in international travel to start venturing out more on my own. Its such an awesome feeling to see a place you've been looking at in pictures since childhood. Especially if like me, you didn't even leave your state until your late 20's. The ten must see places to get your feet wet are as follows, in no particular order. 1). London England They speak English and the country is full of history. All of us Americans, Canadians and Australians all originally came from London. Making the history especially interesting. England is also central to all the other awesome European destinations. 2). Paris, France. Every girl dreams of going to Paris, the most romantic place on earth.... You learn quickly thy are rude and don't care for the tourists much but still a good experience. Paris was the first place I learned to never admit to being "American". 3.) Rome, Italy: Great food, the Coliseum, Roman Form. What more could you want. 4.) Pisa In the middle of nowhere with nothing else to do. That cliché picture holding up The Leaning Tower is the only reason you go. Fun fact also the best Mc Donalds you will ever eat. Yes its true us Americans love our Mc Donalds. 5.Venice Possibly the biggest tourist trap of them all, however a must see. Gondola rides, Marino glass, and Venetian masks. A story all your friends will be jealous of for sure. 6.)Florence, Italy My favorite city in all of Europe thus far. History, pleasant locals, easy to get around on foot, and don't forget the David and wine!!! 7).Athens, Greece Roman Ruins, Greek Mythology, and the fattest stray animals in the world. Don't forget the infamous Greek islands are only a ferry ride away. 8). Mykonos, Greece Known as the island for the young and the "party" island. Despite the stigma of being a party island its my favorite of all the Greek islands. beautiful beaches and top notch hotels on the water. Its also one of the closer islands to Athens making it easy to get to. 9). Paros, Greece A more laid back and chill island, a bit cheaper than other more popular islands. 10). Santorini, Greece Possibly the most beautiful place I have ever seen outside of my dreams. The sunset is a bucket list must.