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Packing for The Camino: 20 must haves

With my Camino 50 days away I have finalized my "packing list" necessities for Camino survival. 1. Good hiking backpack fitted by a professional. This the most expensive idem on the list, expect to spend $160-200 on this necessity. 2. Good hiking shoes that are waterproof ($100-$200) 3. Hiking sandals with closed toe for blocking sand and rocks. A life saver for sore blistered feet while hiking. ($100-$150) 4. Hiking socks made of synthetic material that keeps feet dry, I chose wool. ($10-$20 each) 5. Sleeping liner. I chose a bedbug sleeping liner over a sleeping bag. This was a personal choice based on the time of year. ($30) 6. Flip Flops for the shower and changing into after hiking. ($5-$10) 7. Wilderness wash. This 3ml bottle of concentrated wash can be used for everything from body to clothes or dishes. Bottle is airline approved. ($8.75) 8. Solid Shampoo bar. I chose a sulfate free ideal for died hair. ($10) 9. Organic Bed bug spray. because its organic pillows and blankets as well as the bed can be sprayed before use. ($6.99) 10. Silk pillow case. I read somewhere that bed bugs don't like silk. Stuff pillow with soft clothes from your pack to make a pillow. ($10) 11. Ear plugs for droning out noisy sleepers in the hostels. ($5) 12. Small flash light for finding the bathroom in the dark hostel. ($2-$5) 13. Head lamp for early morning and night walking. ($20-$30) 14. Quick dry microfiber towel. After showering the material will dry quickly and can be placed back in your pack. I had a hard time finding one big enough, so I actually wound up with a yoga towel. ($20-$30) 15. Poncho big enough to cover your pack. My pack came with a built in rain cover so a regular poncho will do.large ponchos are considerably more expensive($10-$50) 16. Hat for blocking sun ($10) 17. Sunglasses. obviously price will vary based on personal preference. (I paid $15) 18. Sunblock. I have sensitive skin so I purchased a silver nitrate sunblock. ($10) 19. European adaptor for electronics. ($10) 20. 3 dryfit gym outfits. Dry fit will keep you comfortable while hiking and will dry quickly to be placed back in the pack after washing. I know nothing about distance hiking but I know what's comfortable for me while at the gym or running. A personal preference based on past experiences.