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Preparing for The Camino

Without knowing it I have been preparing spirituality, mentally and physically for the Camino for years. Since that first trip overseas alone. For two and a half years, I have been on this spiritual journey. Discovering my authentic self, and spirituality by leaving my comfort zone. Exploring new land and culture while also finding myself. These experiences are what have lead my heart to The Camino. Adventures of the past few years have taught me so much, while also accidently leaving me dateless and celibate. Not intentionally Just ran out of time in the day for dating. Having my head and heart clear of boy drama, has added in my self discovery and spirituality. Which can only be an asset on the Camino. As for physical preparation, I feel I am in good enough shape for the walk. I work 13hr shifts on my feet as a nurse, have ran and walked half marathons and play competitive sports. However I never did any of these things with a 20 pound pack on my back. Therefore I joined the local Crossfit gym a few months before to work on core and upper body strength. The strength and stamina gained at Crossfit can only help on the Camino. I never expected to love Crossfit, but that's a whole other blog post. As for mental preparation I have been reading everything Camino Including guide books, blogs and step by step accounts by authors whom have done the walk. Less than ideal lodging on past trips overseas has added in the transition to staying in pilgrim's hostels. Over packing on previous trips has prepared me mentally for living out of a backpack with only bare necessities. I am better versed on what I truly need. Unlike others on the Comino, this journey isn't a starting point to clarity it serves as a ending point to years of soul searching. I may never be done searching but when I reach Santiago I will be that much closer.