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Camino Reflections. My personal spiritual experience on the Camino.

I did not have one huge spiritual awakening upon arriving to Santiago, but I did achieve everything I set out for am more. Thanks to many physical injuries while on the Camino, I learned that no matter what obstacles I endure I will always be okay and things are not that bad. I will especially be okay in everything I do when following my heart. In life many things do not come easy which makes achieving them that much more rewarding. Life is full of struggles and pain, its how we chose to see it and deal with it that makes all the difference. Everywhere along the Camino are taxi signs and bus routes. At any point you can get your stamp for the day and cab it to the next hostel. The Camino taught me to not always take the easy way out and struggle can be well worth it in the end. A lesion for my love life. Years ago I stopped dating all together telling myself I was waiting for "someone special" or was just to "busy" to date. I know now that I was taking the easy pa…