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Couch to Crossfit.. One year of Crossfit.

Its been one year since joining my local Crossfit "box" and the "gains" have been immeasurable. I joined at the beginning of the year for the soul purpose of cross training for the El Camino De Santiago 6 months away and to cross train for my dream of competing and finishing a Half Ironman before my 35th birthday. Almost immediately I experienced unexpected set backs as well as life changing results. For months I was only able to go once per week due to soreness and that one day per week was unable to finish the "WOD" without experiencing severe nausea and fatigue. A few times the nausea became unbearable and had to step away for a "sneaky puke" to finish the WOD. This opened my eyes to how truly unfit my thirty something self was. Slowly I learned what and when to eat before working out and found a pre and post workout that my stomach could handle. The recovery tactics of high school sports and 1/2 marathon training were no longer cutting i…