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El Camino de Santiago One Year Later

Its been one year since packing all necessities on my back and trekking through northern Spain in search of love, forgiveness, friendship and life's purpose. With the weight of my burdens and the burden of my weight on my back. The Camino provided in ways I could never have imagined, and continues to provide one year later. Upon arriving in Santiago and coming home I did not feel closer to god, today however I am closer to god and organized religion than ever. Finding my way back to my old church on a regular basis, worshiping along side my peers. Though it was not Catholicism, rather a non-denominational mega church I followed my heart back to. Not a day goes by that I am not reminded in some way of my time on the Camino. Some mornings when up particularly early the smell of morning dew reminds me of the early morning hikes. Even figuring out the perfect authentic sangria recipe as well as founding a local bar that has Spanish beer. Everyday in some way, I reflect on the simplicity of life on the Camino. Finding myself over stimulated and exhausted when life gets too busy. The Camino taught me to relax and take time to myself. As well as the importance and courage to say "no" to favors and activities that will overstimulate, stress and take time away from daily reflection. Before the Camino I was spreading myself too thin leaving no time for much else. Never much of a TV watcher, don't think I have watched TV once since returning. Rather choosing to read or journal, just as I did every night on the Camino. As far as having "faith" in love, that is still a daily struggle. Some days are better than others, but I can honestly say deep down in my heart I know I will someday find love, when the timing is right. Upon leaving certain burdens at Cruz de Ferro with my rock and prayer at Santiago, I have never looked back on them. The burden of guilt, and shame was truly lifted off my shoulders. The Camino taught me I am my own person and cant hold the burdens of others indiscretions on my back. The weight is just to heavy, and was never mine to carry to begin with.