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What your Crossfit Coach won't tell you

Crossfit is a progressive sport; everyone at every level is training hard to improve. Chances are nobody from your box is going to The Games, they have just been doing it longer. Crossfit doesn’t lie, if there is a weakness Crossfit will find it. If you have poor posture, tight shoulders from work stress, poor diet, beginning stages of arthritis, don’t drink enough water or just a poor attitude. Crossfit will find it and expose it. How you overcome those weaknesses is what defines you as an athlete. So many laymen talk about how unsafe the sport is. From my experience every “injury” has simply been a weakness Crossfit found. I had a decision to blame the sport and quit or take a closer look at myself. On closer examination Crossfit was finding things I knew but chose to ignore as well as brought things to the surface, I could have never imagined. Chronic pain brought me to the gym, as those pains went away more were surfacing. Back problems due to a poor core, posture and weight gain. Weakness in old sports injuries, as well as in my own mind. That age old theory from grade school saying “sport is 90% mental and 10% physical. The only thing harder than training your physical body is training your mind. Most of us never truly succeed in getting out of our own way. One such weakness for me is showing vulnerability. As a single, career women, who travels the world alone. I work hard to not be vulnerable. Such weakness opens you up to being a victim. This brick wall keeps me safe when overseas alone sleeping in hostels, and puts the parents of my tiny premature patients at ease, but it also keeps good people away. My Crossfit box has served as a safe place to be vulnerable. A place where nobody judges me for being afraid to do a handstand or perform heavy Olympic lifts. We are all created equal, we are all a community. All there for the common purpose to be healthier and achieve a better self.