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First semester as a grown up in college

First semester back in school was a huge culture shock. I was no longer the youngest in the class rather the oldest by over ten years. I am no longer living at home with my focus 100% on my studies. I am a grown up with grown up responsibilities. "I had a life, I had a good life". My life now is driving 40 miles, 12hrs a day in class, studying, work, training at the gym and playing Russian roulette with my bills. Never knowing if the internet will stay connected long enough to finish the next project. I was asked yesterday why I "Just didn't wait until I was more stable to go back to school". Really not sure what that means, I can only assume it means when I have a man to support me. Staying in defiantly in a job that is killing me, for that perfect time. Time when the stats align just right. In life I have learned, you cant wait for the perfect time or it never comes. There will always be obsticles. Comments like that assure me I am doing the right thing. t…

Grown up in college, 10 plus years later

In 2001, I barley graduated high school, requiring night and weekend school to makeup credits. In 2005, I graduated Nursing school never achieving higher than a C. None of that mattered because, I was a college graduate and able to work my dream job while making a decent living. A higher degree has always seemed unobtainable due to time, money and the dreaded College Algebra class. That I have taken and failed several times. Pure fear of that class and not succeeding kept me from going back to school for years. The older I get, the more fearless I become. Getting more and more burned out as a bedside nurse, I knew a higher education in nursing was not for me. Looking into myself, my passions and calling. I kept coming back to the same concept. Help people stay healthy instead of waiting until they were already sick and giving them a hand full of medications prescribed by the doctor. I want to help people live better lives through exercise, nutrition and spirituality. Mind, body and so…