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Grown up in college, 10 plus years later

In 2001, I barley graduated high school, requiring night and weekend school to makeup credits. In 2005, I graduated Nursing school never achieving higher than a C. None of that mattered because, I was a college graduate and able to work my dream job while making a decent living. A higher degree has always seemed unobtainable due to time, money and the dreaded College Algebra class. That I have taken and failed several times. Pure fear of that class and not succeeding kept me from going back to school for years. The older I get, the more fearless I become. Getting more and more burned out as a bedside nurse, I knew a higher education in nursing was not for me. Looking into myself, my passions and calling. I kept coming back to the same concept. Help people stay healthy instead of waiting until they were already sick and giving them a hand full of medications prescribed by the doctor. I want to help people live better lives through exercise, nutrition and spirituality. Mind, body and soul; the foundation of wellness. I want to go back to school for Exercise Science. I want to work my own hrs, be my own boss, and not be torn away from my kids every holiday and hurricane to report to work. First of many changes to better set myself up for having a family and being the wife and parent I want to be. With none of those other things anywhere in sight, I take the first steps, having faith that the rest will follow when the time is right.