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Mission to spread love

I have made it my life's mission to spread love in everything I do. Rather this mission found me. The more I discover about my true self and the world, the more love I see everywhere. I am blessed to know my life's purpose and have to ability to live everyday with passion. What started simply as showing gratitude after reading The Power, and traveling the world with an open mind. Has turned into this love affair with the world and everything in it. Negative people used to frustrate me, now I simply don't even notice them. I am not blind to the worlds problems, believe me I work in a county hospital and grew up poor. But I know my place in changing those problems, and its spreading love. The power of love tips the scales over hate every time. In an effort to spread love, I was lucky enough to be present for the Orlando United Day. A celebration of love on the one year anniversary of the The Pulse Nightclub shooting. After a very stressful few shifts in the NICU, I packed my dog Radar and took the 4hr drive to Orlando. I will never know if my presence among the thousands made any difference, but I can take pride in knowing together all our presence sent a loud and clear message that love will always win.