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Eminem vs Trump, A 90’s fan perspective

Are people really shocked and offended by Slim Shady’s newest freestyle on BET? Slim says fucked up ass shit….. That’s Slim. I mean the dude wore an orange prison jump suit, and Jason mask with a chainsaw at concerts. He raised to fame rapping about killing his wife, Kim and spewing lyrics offensive to both women and homosexuals?! Where was your soap box than? No stranger to politics, He’s been political all along with lyrics about George Bush, Tipper Gore, Dick Chaney, and Monica Lewinski. Don’t forget his hatred for Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and all things boy band in the 90’s. You heard a few radio edited songs at the gym and think you are a fan. Why do his 90’s fans love him so much? He made it okay to be the poor white kid in a rough neighborhood, with no father. He made it okay to be white trash in a Tiger Beat, Boy Band era. If he could make something of himself using his passion and talent, so could I.His extreme vulgarity put into words the feelings of growing up …