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6 ways travel forever changes you for the better

On my first solo coach tour, I was not prepared for what was about to happen; my mind was about to be completely blown, forever changing my perspective. From second one, I started to change, it felt good, and it felt right. Mark Twain once said “Broad wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in ones little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.” Not prepared for the emotions and romance of Europe. Its images, the experiences forever burned into my soul. Travel enlightened true passions for history, food/culture, art, public transportation, as well as helped me to view the world through a different lens and lead me to discovering my true self. 1. Traveling makes you a super cool history buff. History was never my strong subject, to be honest; I don’t even remember taking any history cases. But I must have, I’ve seen these paces before. But this time it was clearer, it was real. Walking the streets of London, looking out at all the old buildings, I remember thinking to myself “man this is cool”. Now I read history books for pleasure instead of fiction. 2. Traveling makes you a foodie. Travel teaches you food is so much more. Food not just represents nutrition; it represents culture, family, and love. Throw out that western diet, fast food, fast life. Travel teaches you to slow down and enjoy your meal. Travel makes you more food adventurous too, fish is always better with the head still on! Upon coming home you will never again restrict your diet, food is also memories. 3. Travel makes you an art critic. Art becomes so much more than a painting or statue, it enhances the soul. George Bernard Shaw said “You use a glass mirror to see your face, but you use works of art to see your soul”. Your appreciation for the arts will forever change and, you may just find yourself writing, coloring or learning to play an instrument in your spare time. Something changes within you when you see the Mona Lisa or The David for the first time 4. You will have a new found appreciation for public transportation. Unless you live in a big city known for its underground system, chances are you rarely if ever use public transportation. Before traveling, I never took public transportation or walked anywhere, I thought of it as a sign of being poor. You learn to love the interworking of a city’s underground, bus and train systems. It’s not a sign of being poor; it’s being smart, adventurous and well traveled. 5. You will start to see the world through a different lens. Almost immediately you start to see the word through a different lens, you start to see the word the way it truly is. A place of love, with more good than bad. You start to see the good in people, and may even befriend your neighbors upon coming home. 6. You will find your authentic self. Above all with leaving your comfort zone and seeing the word you will chip away at finding your authentic self, the person you were truly meant to be. Travel enriches your soul forever; you start to find joy and fulfillment in experiences not things.