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Disney Monorail Pub Crawl

Hidden within the Walt Disney World compound lies a little known secret. A local’s only secret to experiencing Disney without the ticket, without the kids, and with adult beverages. That is the Monorail Pub crawl, 100% not endorsed by Disney. When it comes to Disney World Florida, the two must do adult only activities are the Monorail pub crawl and drinking around the world at Epcot. However Epcot is expensive and you will pay between $8-12 for each drink. Other than Epcot no other Disney park sells alcohol, but the Disney Resorts along the Monorail do! The monorail system was designed to get those staying at the three expensive resorts to and from the park quickly and easily. This makes for the perfect Disney pub crawl without the hassle and price of a ticket. Three Resorts with 8 bars constitute the unofficial pub crawl. The Polynesian has 2 bars; Trader Sams and Tambu lounge. The Grand Floridian has 3 bars; Mizners lounge, Citicos lounge and Narcossee’s Barr. Contemporary Resort also with three bars; California Grill, The Outer Rim and Wave longue. The best part is that wherever you are along the pub crawl when the fireworks start, chances are you will be able to see them if you step outside. The best pace to see the fireworks is the California Grill. Its first come first serve, so you will need to get there about an hr early. Fireworks start around 9pm or 10pm at Christmas Time, make sure you check with someone at the resort for the exact times. Another perk is free parking, but you may need to try more than one resort. Simply tell the security guard you are going to dinner and drinks. When we went this year one resort was full but another resort happily let us park. Locals parking free at the resorts and going to the parks has been a problem for them. So make it clear you are going to the bars. Even better would be to have actual reservations, and just not show up for them. Cons: We went early December and though it was listed as a “not busy” time the resorts were crowded making it impossible to get seats at bars and restaurants, I would imagine it’s always this way. After the second bar we ditched the plan and just went with the flow. We mostly wound up getting caned beer at cafeteria style restaurants and shopping in the resort stores. When it was time for fireworks were not at the California Grill as planned, instead we were at an outside cafeteria restaurant at the Polynesian with a beautiful view of the fireworks and a caned beer. My advice would be to use the listed bars as a guide and just go with the flow.