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How travel saved me, An open letter to Contiki.

Dear Contiki, I will forever be in your debt for saving me from myself. You gave me the ability to safely see the word alone, forever changing the way I view it. I always longed to travel but thought it was out of my grasp. When I heard of Contiki, I was already 30 years old and had been working as a Registered Nurse for 8 years. Through word of mouth, from an acutance on a coed rec. league, I heard your name for the first time. Even though I was a nurse, at 30 years old my life was passionless and unfulfilled. I was burned out in my career, and hadn’t lived any of my dreams. That was all about to change when I booked my first Contiki holiday, the month of my 30th birthday. I was alone and scared to death, I remember thinking to myself “what have I done” while riding the London Underground in route to meeting my first tour. Little did I know, I would never be alone or feel alone ever again, after that first group meeting. I made lifelong friends from all over the word and saw paces most people only dream of. Every year after that first holiday, I took another Contiki holiday. Saving and sacrificing all year to afford it. That was until this year, when I turned 35 and aged out. I thought when the time came and I was too old, my travel days would be behind me. Instead, I feel ready and able to travel on my own, thanks to everything I learned on Contiki. Travel allowed me to see the bigger picture; Yes the world is big, but it’s not such a scary pace. The world is a place filed with good people, good food, history, culture, art and love. Travel taught me to play with the world and enjoy the journey. Along the way you may just see things through a different lens and find joy, fulfillment, and your authentic self. Thank You Contiki, Melissa Fontana, RN Fort Lauderdale, Fl USA